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So many things around us - our social environment, our insecurities, even our upbringing - tell us how inadequate we are. 

 Don't believe that. 

In this uplifting 30-minute audio session, you'll reprogram false & limiting beliefs, connect with your authentic self and discover your sacred self worth to create a foundation for True Self Love.


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Danielle Etl CCHT

Danielle has been involved in actively exploring & catalyzing healing for herself and others for well over 15 years now. She believes that growth and learning are ever evolving processes, and so is always researching, learning and exploring, between and through her work with others.

Through joyfully taking on the role of perpetual student and absorbing the many facets of the wide variety of healing modalities that are accessible today. She integrates a wealth of knowledge and experience into 3 main areas to serve the Whole Being on All Levels. A Profoundly Effective and Gentle form of Hypnotherapy combined with Transformational Coaching, and Plant Wisdom to create a vessel for REAL TRANSFORMATION.

This work is her soul desire, and next to being a mother, the most emotionally and spiritually fulfilling and sustaining act in life.

What People Are Saying

Shauna R.

Sacramento, Ca

"I worked with Danielle for about 2 months and it was the first time I ever explored hypnotherapy. I've done behavioral therapy in the past, but I was ready to try something new to see if I would get different results... and wow did I ever!

I originally sought out help for addiction and anxiety. Danielle's passion, empathy, kindness and genuine approach made this experience so incredibly positive and I was able to get in touch with and work through some beliefs and thoughts I've been avoiding for a very long time. During our consultation session, I was definitely surprised when she said we would need approximately 15 sessions for the program -- that seemed like a long time! It turned out every session was powerful and unique. I was so pleased at how I felt like I got something new out of every hypnosis and I really appreciated the "homework" she assigned me to help continue the work on my own. By our last session, time had flown by and while I was glad I achieved my goals for the program, I was a little sad the journey was already over.

I can't express how transformative this process has been and HIGHLY recommend trying out hypnotherapy with Danielle! This is the best money I've spent in a long time, and Danielle was able to provide me with invoices that were accepted for reimbursement through my Flex Spending Account and I did not need a primary doctor referral! (Now that I know this is possible, I will definitely be contributing more to the Flex account next year so I can make hypnotherapy a regular part of my self-care.)

I can't say enough good things about Danielle and Inner Key Hypnotherapy! You've gotta check it out!

Evelyn S.

Grass Valley, Ca

I found Inner Key Hypnotherapy at the Nevada City Psychic Fair during an emotional crisis. Danielle helped validate my feelings about my issues with attachments to certain people in my life that were keeping me from being able to move on. I was able to work with her for a couple of months where I would come and have a session once or twice a week. She allowed me to talk about what was going on in my life and then we would move into a session where I would lie back in a chair and let myself fall into hypnosis. The purpose was to get me back in touch with my purpose for being here on this planet, to connect back with my power and find a way to live my life just for me.

Not only did Danielle teach me about my mind and my power, but she connected each issue in my life to other knowledge bases, like understanding of the birthing process, flower essences, crystals, tarot, Waldorf school and childhood development. I was able to learn that my issues have stemmed from long before I was aware of them and that my blocks and stories that I have been holding onto in my brain were keeping me from being able to accept radical change in my life. I was able to release blocks and attachments and feel myself getting lighter and more in touch with my own energy source and my own ability to bring light and joy into this world.

By the end of my sessions with Danielle, it was becoming more and more clear how much I had grown in such a short time. I was choosing healthier options across the board and taking care of myself and my needs in situations where I had previously been ignoring my own voice. I was given validation and a safe space to express and feel what I needed to feel with a witness so that I could let myself move on and move back into my body. Danielle was able to laugh at the darkness with me and challenge me to let go and release heavy attachments so that I can now move forward with a readiness for the challenges.

I still hear the stories in my mind, but I am in control of my anxiety levels and am able to be around people and still take care of myself. I am so grateful for this woman and her heart.

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